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The trophy Marlene received is from the "CSRA Regional Development Center Area Agency on Aging."

From the United States Senate  she received: "Special Congressional Letter of Commendation/Appreciation" and from "the citizens of the State of Georgia."



Marlene Stachowiak (706) 869-0555

Lois Fair (803) 649-3867
Georgie Blackburn (706) 627-6489
Ann Sprinkle - Warrenton (706) 465-1171
Susan Cohen (803) 644-9019             
Linda Finnegan 706 267-3206

After a therapy dog visit--back row Morgan, Slider, Gracie, Ladybug   --front row Reba, Trigger, Sunshine

Would your dog make a good Therapy Dog?

We will conduct the Test & Orientation for Therapy Dogs Inc. on the first Friday of the month.  You need to bring a copy of your rabies certificate and the negative fecal statement from your veterinarian to attach to your form to be sent to Therapy Dogs Inc.  Please call and let Marlene know if you plan to bring your dog for testing.  Please go to Alliance of Therapy Dogs   to learn more about the program.


What is Therapy Dogs?

Providing emotional and physical therapy and the unconditional love of an animal, members of Jae-Mar-S Therapy Dogs work hard.   The old and young alike enjoy visiting with the dogs we bring.   We make scheduled visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools,  and other institutions throughout the CSRA.   All of the Therapy Dogs are tested for temperament, control, and health.   This community service program is conducted on a volunteer basis, and additional members are always welcome.   We are affiliated with Alliance of Therapy Dogs  .   For additional information or to arrange a program, call (706)863-3737  (See Letter to Educators on Services page.)


Sunshine at Ronald McDonald House                      Gracie


You can't be too small or too large for Alliance of Therapy Dogs.        

Lilly and Dawson were among many dogs visiting the children at Camp Rainbow.  2004

Augusta Animal Emergency (AAE) 

 I have contacted the Augusta Animal Emergency clinic and they have agreed to give TDInc. members 10% off when they bring their Therapy Dog to the AAE.

The AAE has a copy of my membership card in their computer so that whoever is on duty they will know that we are to receive the discount.  One must present their membership card in order for the 10% to go into effect.
Augusta Animal Emergency (AAE) 

706 733-7458




Georgia & Kodi, Lois & Mel, Marlene & Samson, and Betsy & Aimee Love at a middle school career day demo 2004