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Turning Untrained Dogs into Obedient Companions

A well-trained dog means a happier four-legged companion and family. Are you ready to start having fun with your pup? Jae-Mar-S Academy of Dog Obedience offers private dog obedience lessons in Augusta, Georgia, as well as puppy training (under 4 months old). You pick the day and time for the first round of one-on-one lessons.

Living Social

Behavior modification is taught individually and in small groups at secluded areas, parks, and walking trails that build your dog's confidence using a real-life classroom. This will enhance training as both of you advance in skills through trust and communication. Our behavioral trainers are knowledgeable and have many tools in their toolbox. They have the experience to understand how to connect to your dog's ability to learn. Home study sheets are also provided.

There is no fee or obligation for an interview. The contract is completed 10 weeks from the date of lesson one. If your puppy is at least 16 weeks old, you must present a copy of their state rabies certificate at that time for our records. We also suggest keeping a copy in your glove compartment.


Living Social I

After goals are set, the first two lessons are held once a week for two consecutive weeks at an indoor facility. Depending on your dog's advancement, there might be a two-week homework period before following up with the next two lessons. This allows your canine companion to develop a sound foundation prior to trying new exercises.

Living Social II

Goals are once again established. We improve upon what was learned in Living Social I lessons and begin other teachings, such as problem-solving and the appropriate way to pass people, bikers, dogs, and others while on a walk. The Canine Good Citizen™ (CGC) test is given when ready. Once these outdoor classes are finished, you will receive a lifetime membership of consultations for that dog. There are no additional fees, but the rabies certificate must remain current.

Lois and Bruce

Puppy Kindergarten

Start your new puppy (8 to 14 weeks) off on the right paw with positive socialization. We teach you how to care for your puppy and deal with common problems, like chewing, housebreaking, and accepting you as leader. Please bring a health statement with you.

Continuing Education

This self-paced class is free if you have completed Living Social I and II. It is oriented for AKC, UKC, AMBOR, and ASCA competition. Many owners like to improve their skills and learn additional exercises. We help you polish up commands learned and teach advanced obedience commands, such as retrieving. You are also given information on obedience competition rules and ring procedures. It's a fun sport for both you and your dog.

Competitive Obedience

As the best-kept secret around, competitive obedience is a wonderful sport in which you and your dog form a team. Once you begin entering trials, you can attend this class to start detailed work on the obedience exercises for novice, open, and utility. We show you how to teach your canine advanced exercises, including directed retrieve, directed jumping, and scent discrimination. Mixed breeds are permitted to participate in all AKC events, except for breed shows.

Conformation Handling

Prepare for a conformation show in which registered purebred dogs are presented for breeding. Conformation looks easy, but it requires handler skills and a well-trained dog to be successful in the ring. You, of course, also need a canine that meets the standards for their breed. That is how contestants are judged. The judge considers many aspects, such as a dog's movement, coat (color, texture, etc.), ear set, eye shape, and tail length. You must present the dog properly for a judge to make the evaluation. This involves stacking your dog and gaiting them around the ring.

Most of the dogs you see on TV are shown by professional handlers, but you can learn to show your own dog. Nanette Johnson teaches a handling class on Tuesday nights to go over training your dog for presenting at a conformation show. In addition, she leads special classes for junior handlers competing against other young people in how well they present their dogs, not which dog matches its standards best.